HTML5/Android: Fly Assault! 4.17/5 (2)

Fly Assault! is a fly swatter game with unique and humorous outlook. This game is based on our prototype called “Fly Attack!”, that was previously introduced on this site.

In this fly swatter game you have to catch as many flies as you can. This is done by tapping them with your finger. Alternatively, you can use the frog or poison to “kill many flies with one stone”. Flies will get faster and more tricky to hit as the game progresses, so your swatter skills must get better and better over time.

But remember to avoid wasps: If you try to swatter them, those will sting you badly!

There are both HTML5 and Android versions available:

Fly Assault! HTML5 game
Fly Assault! HTML5 game






Fly Assault! at Google Play
Fly Assault! Android game





– touch based gameplay
– Three different flies: house fly, dung fly and wasp
– Big, sleepy, green frog to assist you when in panic
– Can of poison for mass-destruction (refills over time)
– Leaderboard (Goole Play Game Services)
This game is extremely easy to play (but hard to master), so install your swatter game soon and start practicing!!


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