HTML5/Android: Swing Rocket Dash 3.56/5 (3)

Two rockets are travelling in space somewhere near Alpha Centauri. Your task is to master their positions using highly advanced single-click control. Rockets are collecting stars and passing the gates to get forward.

There are both HTML5 and Android versions available:

Swing Rocket Dash at Newgrounds
Swing Rocket Dash HTML5








Swing Rocket Dash at Google Play
Swing Rocket Dash (Android)





Rules are simple:
– if rocket color matches the gate, it will pass and +1 is added to your score
– if rocket color does not match the gate, it is destroyed by green alien lasers
– if rocket hits a star of matching color, +1 is added to your score
– if rocket hits a star of different color, -1 is subtracted from your score
Game requires fast reactions and good timing to achieve excellent results.

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